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pic-3Gods of War started on 1/1/15. New year, a new day, and a new start. We the council feel that we seen too much, that keeps a gamer from having fun and being appreciated for being a member within a gaming community. We value each member that is here and will be here. We do not descriminate on race, gender, creed, religion, or anything that is legal in the US and many other countries.

As a member you must follow the rules that is laid out in the Laws of Gods. Which are not going to be many and not going to be difficult.

The Council:                                                                    Founders:

GoW Zeus V                                                                        GoW Zeus V

GoW Poseidon V                                                                GoW Poseidon V

GoW Ares V                                                                         GoW Ares V

GoW Thanatos V                                                                GoW Thanatos V

GoW Maximus V                                                                GoW Maximus V

GoW Athena V

GoW Hades V

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